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Could This Be the Holy Grail of Steroid Alternatives?
Shock Study: Natural 'Growth Factors' Boost Muscle Synthesis 600% — But Do They Give Athletes an 'Unfair Advantage?
Weight-training athletes who supplemented their diets with a newly discovered cis-fatty-acid experienced a 600% increase in lean muscle growth and a 9-fold increase in biceps girth over placebo.
News of these breakthrough muscle building compounds has spread like wildfire. However, some sports scientists argue the ethical question can be raised that they give athletes an "unfair advantage" and therefore, they're use should be regulated.

Anew dietary supplement containing a pair of specialized fatty acid "growth factors" is the hottest thing going in amateur athletics — but not without controversy. 

Critics say the compounds  cis-9, trans-11 conjugated linioleic acid and phosphatidylserine (Ps) provided in the controversial, new supplement C9-T11 2.0 — gives athletes an "unfair advantage" and their use should be prohibited by athletes. 

Proponents argue research shows the compounds to be both safe and effective and that banning the natural compounds is like trying to prohibit athletes from consuming creatine, which is also isolated from natural sources.

One thing people on both sides can agree on is the controversial, new supplement works. According to a recent study published in the journal Medicine & Science & Sports and Medicine, novice weight trainers who took these compounds for seven weeks experienced a 600% increase in lean muscle growth, including a 9-fold increase in biceps girth.

Another study published in the same journal found that in weight-training athletes, these growth-factors increased overall muscle strength by 202 percent within just 6 weeks  with zero side effects.

In fact, not only were there not any side effects, but men using the supplement actually experienced improved health measures across the board, including reductions in bad LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar.

And if all that weren't reason enough to have athletes stocking up, researchers from Sweden's Uppsala University found that people using the supplement for 28 days experienced a full 1-inch reduction of abdominal fat — without changes to their diets.

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Fair Game or Unfair Advantage?

Athletes who supplemented with these natural 'growth factors' for seven weeks packed on six times more muscle and added 30 pounds to their bench press compared to the guys given a placebo.
Word-of-mouth marketing has led to C9-T11 2.0 rivaling creatine and pre-workout nitric oxide (NO2) supplements as the most popular natural performance-enhancers in amateur athletic locker rooms.

However, critics  say these compounds too closely mimic the effects of anabolic steroids and that their use should be prohibited by athletes. 

To be sure, steroids, similar to these compounds, work in large part by minimizing the catabolic effects of cortisol, allowing for greater amino acid uptake, nitrogen retention, and protein synthesis.

Many sports scientists, however, say the compounds are a viable alternative to dangerous performance-enhancing drugs. They point to the fact that these compounds are isolated from natural food sources, and are therefore no different, ethically, from high-carbohydrate food mixes for aerobic athletes. Besides, they say research has shown them to be medically safe and that we should emphasize that the alternative to these natural compounds is steroids.

'Unreal' Size and Strength Gains 

Muscle Growth
Not only did men gain muscle size and strength, they lost an average of 1 inch from their waistlines within just 28 days of supplementation, according to a new study published in the International Journal of Obesity.
Whether or not using C9-T11 2.0 constitutes "cheating" doesn't concern the thousands of athletes and fitness buffs using it. 

Jason Massey, a 37-year-old amateur athlete from Fort Collins, Colorado, writes: "The gains in muscle size and strength I'm seeing with C9-T11 2.0  is UNREAL. 

"With other supplements I've used, I thought I could 'kinda sorta' notice a difference, but this is ridiculous. C9-T11 2.0 is the first supplement I've used where I could actually notice vivid gains in muscle size. After my first 30-day 'cycle,' I've packed on over 25 pounds of muscle, and my strength has literally gone through the roof."

Another believer is David Kenny, a 37-year-old journalist from Columbia, Missouri. "After 28 days, I was down from a size 36 waist to a 34, I could actually see my abs for the first time in over 10 years, my bench press increased by 20 pounds, and I began to see a start difference in the definition in my arms, legs, and chest."

Not Sold in Stores — Limited Supplies Still Available Online

Does C9-T11 2.0 deliver "steroid-like" muscle-growth effects? Well, judge for yourself. While the supplement is not expected to hit national retail shelves until mid-January 2015, a limited number of bottles are available by the supplement's maker, ANR, LLC, online here.

The website offers a 100% risk-free trial of the product, with each serving working out to be just 62 cents — less than what you'd spend on a sugary McDonald's softdrink. What's more, each order of C9-T11 2.0 (see special Deal of the Day below) is a one-time-only transaction. In other words, there are no reoccurring charges or hidden offers.

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Success Stories
Colorado man packs on 25 pounds
"The gains in muscle size and strength I'm seeing with C9-T11 2.0 is UNREAL. With other supplements I've used, I thought I could 'kinda sorta' notice a difference, but this is ridiculous. 

"C9-T11 2.0 is the first supplement I've used where I could actually notice vivid gains in muscle size. After my first 30-day 'cycle,' I've packed on over 25 pounds of muscle, and my strength has literally gone through the roof!

"In fact, since I started taking this stuff last month I've had 2 people at my gym actually ask me if I was on the juice. How jacked is that!?"

—Jason Massey, Fort Collins, CO

Santa Monica man gains 20 pounds of muscle in 20 days

"I did a little research about C9-T11 2.0 and what I read (in medical journals and so forth, not their website) intrigued me. Guys, this stuff is freaking awesome!!!! I know that different things work for different people but for me, this was the real deal. I normally use this stack: Plasmavol, whey isolate, Leukic. I exchanged the Leukic with this C9-T11 2.0 for about 20 days. It worked wonders. I'm not going to say I added 20 lbs of muscle, but I did add 5 lbs and cut my body fat by 3 percent. I was skeptical at first, but not anymore.”

—T. O’Connell, Santa Monica, CA

"I Have Noticed Quick Muscle Gain/Growth and Fat Loss"

C9-T11 2.0
"I have taken the supplement for over six months now. I have noticed quick muscle gain/growth and fat loss. I work out extremely hard and I do it everyday. C9-T11 2.0 is like any other supplement, you have to work out very hard and keep a constant schedule when doing so. You will not just gain muscle by just taking it. This is a very easy pill to take and it does not upset my stomach when taking it with an empty stomach. Results are noticeable within the second week of when you take it if you train hard."

 -Mike A., via blog posting


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