How To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

Your Secret Weapon for Maxium Muscle Growth, Sexual Desire, Drive — and Unlimited Energy 
(Jakarta, Indonesia) — Low testosterone is not just an old man’s problem. Many men in their 30s and 40s fall prey to low testosterone levels — and their muscle mass, competitive vitality, and even libido suffer. But you can reverse that natural decline to jumpstart muscle, slash belly fat, and recharge your sexual prowess — all naturally.  

StudyThe secret is revealed in a groundbreaking 2013 study published in the prestigious Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. The study sheds new light on what, exactly, is the most effective supplement for boosting testosterone safely and naturally — an increasingly important subject for all men given the expense, and controversy, surrounding Testosterone-Replacement Therapy (TRT).

According to the study, the Gold Medal for natural testosterone boosters goes to a curious Asian tree root extract called Tongkat Ali. Study results show men taking this compound for just 28 days (200 mg/daily) saw a stunning 37% jump in free testosterone levels — the most significant increase of any natural compound ever tested. The result? Significantly improved libido, lean muscle mass, fat loss, and energy.

Earlier this year, Tongkat Ali was dubbed the "Asian Viagra" by the U.K. Sunday Times as men have flocked to get their hands on the potent natural testosterone booster. Unfortunately, finding the "real deal" in supplement form has become a bit of a nightmare for consumers thanks to an overwhelming influx of fake Chinese knockoffs flooding the U.S. and U.K. markets.

So how do you find the real deal? The key is looking for supplements containing certified Tongkat Ali from either Malaysia or Indonesia — the only two countries in the world where the tree root extract is found. Out of the hundreds of products sold through national health retailers, the popular Indonesian Tongkat Ali supplement Adaptophen has managed to become one of the top 25 grossing products in the U.S. in just a matter of months. The success is borderline inexplicable, so we decided to ask Adaptophen's Chief Marketing Officer his secret.

“It’s not complicated," said the CMO. "We sell a great product at a lower price than many of our competitors. Customers are smart — if you create a product that can benefit millions of Americans and it works, it’s going to sell. That’s what we’ve done here.” 


Adaptophen's key ingredient, Tongkat Ali, has been identified by scientists as a natural alternative to testosterone therapy. 

Despite early success, Adaptophen's popularity hasn't been without difficulties. Because the product’s key ingredient, Tongkat Ali, is rare and not easy to harvest, being able to keep up with the demand has been a challenge — especially when FOX News devotes an entire hour to the supplement (see right).

“It’s a good problem to have, but one we struggle with every day,” said the CMO. “Reality is, the supply is limited and keeping up with our customers isn’t easy. As we continue to work out the kinks in our supply chain, the best advice I can offer at the moment is if you see it, buy it, before you miss your opportunity. I think you’ll be impressed by the results.”   

As it turns out, unlike many other free testosterone boosters, with the help of a regular strength-training routine, within a short amount of time, men who had taken Adaptophen report feeling:

  • Skyrocketed Libido  
  • Insane Boost in Energy  
  • Enhanced Performance  
  • Incredible Lean Muscle and Endurance Gains  

The makers of Adaptophen are so confident in their new product they are offering every man in the country a risk-free sample at just $37 per bottle — a savings of $42.90 off the regular retail price. Plus, each order is a one-time-only transaction. There are absolutely no recurring charges or shipments. If you’re interested in giving it a shot, claim a sample here. If you are not able to claim a bottle online, you may be able to find Adaptophen at fine health-product retailers nationwide.

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